Cut The Cravings Workshop


Stop late-night snacking, emotional eating & the sweet & salty cravings for good using proven diet & behavioral change strategies.

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What You'll Learn:

  • The powerful first step necessary to conquer cravings that most people are missing
  • The surprising reason why binges, cravings & over-eating require more than just "will-power"
  • Strategies like "Daily Do's" and "Crave-Control" to put into action right away
  • The best way to enjoy the foods you love without sacrificing your fitness goals
  • How to finally live a stress free life and trust yourself around food again


Are You Someone Who?

  • Struggles with intense cravings and hunger and feels helpless to stop
  • Feels stress, anxiety & confusion around food and food choices
  • Overeats to the point of feeling uncomfortable/sick, but it doesn’t stop you from doing it
  • Boredom or emotional eats and wishes they could learn how to stop it
  • Has a fitness goal but feels thier eating habits are holding you back

See What My Clients Are Saying...

Lindz, 38

"Laura has changed my mindset about eating and drinking and thats the biggest takeaway. I live in a more fluid space now where I decide for myself what's best for me and don't feel the need to track everything i'm eating all day long"

Jamie, 34

"This has been the best investments i’ve done for myself.  It gets to the ROOT CAUSE of overeating/binges…breaking the yo-yo diet cycle we’ve all fallen into.Laura truly has a gift of getting to the root cause of our cravings"

Cheyenne, 29

I had a terrible relationship with food that started in childhood... I felt like it was a huge character flaw of mine and that there was little I could do to change it. [Laura] showed me strategies to help with cravings without denying myself all of the things that I love and enjoy eating!"