#78 - Want to stop overeating: one SIMPLE practice to start today

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Zoe Podcast Episode: The surprising health impact of eating too fast


Today's podcast draws from research shared on the Zoe Science & Nutrition podcast: The surprising health impact of eating too fast. This is something I discuss with my clients when focusing on cravings control, hunger regulation & sustainable fat loss. SLOW DOWN! Today I share 5 strategies HOW you can eat slower, which will in turn, help you regulate appetite and even improve your health!



(00:00:00) - Intro

(00:00:53) - Registration is open for the #CravingsCLEANUP Challenge!

(00:02:15) - Intro to today's strategy: Eating more slowly and the results you can get from this.

(00:04:19) - The science of why eating fast is bad for us.

(00:07:04) - Why you should slow down your eating

(00:07:18) - How is this meal making you feel? Step #4:OBSERVE

(00:08:08) - Eating rates are learned practices from childhood

(00:08:49) -  How can we slow down our eating - 1st Strategy -  Avoid Eating Distracted

(00:09:33) - 2nd strategy. Putting your fork down and chewing your food 30xs, switching hands

(00:11:17) - 3rd Strategy - Don’t wait until you’re starving to eat, #Satisfull meals: 3x day

(00:12:21) - 4th Strategy - Focus on LEAN & DETOX foods.

(00:13:46) - Recap & Final Thoughts, Outro


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