#79 - #Satisfull Snacking: 3 Combinations

Season #1


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I get asked all the time, "What's a good snack option?". Well, today I'm giving you the Satisfull guide to snacking with some examples and ideas to guide you along. BUT-snacking isn't for everyone; listen to the first part of the show to make sure you are keeping 3 things in mind before diving into snacking!


(00:00:00) - Intro

(00:00:53) - Registration open for the #CravingsClean Up Challenge!

(00:02:15) - Intro to How to snack #Satisfully for you.

(00:04:52) - Start with 3 #Satisfull meals and why

(00:07:19) - Reasons why snacking might be needed

(00:08:28) - 1st Combo :Just LEAN 

(00:10:43) - 2nd Combo: LEAN with DETOX

(00:12:01) - 3rd Combo: DETOX paired with CRAVE

(00:13:08) - 4th Combo: LEAN & CRAVE

(00:14:04) - Recap & Don’t stress about this, why we lead with LEAN & DETOX

(00:15:12) - Was this helpful? Final Thoughts, Outro


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