#80 - How #Satisfull Plates Can Support Your Fat Loss Goals

Season #1


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I think we can all agree (or maybe as a result of this podcast, you're starting to understand) that your mindset around diet, food, and your body image is just as important as calories in vs calories out when it comes to fat loss. Satisfull Plates is a truly special way of building your meals because it can assist you in your fat loss goals; not just from a calories in vs calories out perspective but from what it can do to your mindset around food and nutrition. Enjoy today's show!




(00:00:00) - Intro

(00:00:53) - Registration open for #CravingsCLEANUP Challenge!

(00:02:15) - Intro to how #Satisfull Plates can support your fat loss goals

(00:03:25) - #Satisfull Plates is your North Star to reduce cravings 70%

(00:03:58) - What you expect from the #CravingsCLEANUP Challenge

(00:04:29) - Benefits of  #Satisfull Plates

(00:05:13) - Results & Goal of  #Satisfull Plates

(00:00:00) - #Satisfull Plates is a template that you can use to make adjustments.

(00:07:28) - Reasons #Satisfull Plates can help fat loss goals, First Reason - Physical

(00:10:50) - Second Reason - Mindset and Psychological Perspective

(00:015:21) - Laura's Philosophy

(00:15:47) - Wrap-up, Join the #CravingsCLEANUP Challenge, Outro


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