#81 - 5 Types of People Who SHOULD NOT JOIN the FREE #CravingsCLEANUP Challenge

Season #1


WAITLIST OPEN: The Cravings Code Feb 2024: Reduce cravings & overeating by up to 70% & prime your mindset & metabolism to naturally eat fewer calories & sustainably lose weight.

Join the free #CravingsCLEANUP Challenge, starting September 10th! Reduce mindless snacking & afternoon cravings by up to 50% in as little as 7 days implementing #Satisfull Plates!


FREE #CravingsCLEANUP Challenge

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The 7-day #Cravings CLEANUP Challenge starts this Sunday September 10th with the goal of helping you reduce mindless snacking & afternoon eating by up to 50%!

You're invited to tackle your cravings & find a solution once and for all. BUT-this program isn't for everybody, give a listen to see if you qualify to join! Enrollment closes Saturday night at midnight!



(00:00:00) - Intro

(00:00:53) - Registration open for #CravingsCLEANUP Challenge!

(00:02:15) - Intro to the 5 types of people the #CravingsCLEANUP Challenge is NOT for

(00:03:58) - Client feedback on #Satisfull Plates

(00:5:41) - 1st type of person - wanting an exact meal plan

(00:07:01) - 2nd type of person - wanting a quick fix and rapid fat loss

(00:07:43) - 3rd type of person - not interested in sharing in a collaborative group

(00:-8:32) - 4th the of person - someone wanting to follow macros or another nutrition protocol 

(00:09:54) - Recap, Taking a leap of faith and being mentally ready.

(00:10:26) - a guarantee and what you get

(00:11:18) - The best thing - it’s flexible and simple

(00:12:17) - Client Testimonials on #CravingsCLEANUP Challenge, Outro


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