#83 - 3 Red Flags Your Nutrition Program Isn't Working For You

Season #1


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We oftentimes ignore our gut instincts when it comes to our nutrition because we're so desperate for results and don't know what else to do. In today's episode Laura shares her personal story as she outlines three red flags to look out for as you move through your nutrition journey. Give a listen to see if what you're doing could be holding you back more than pushing you forward.



(00:00:00) - Intro

(00:00:53) - Intro to 3 Red Flags Your Nutrition Program Isn't Working For You

(00:02:39) - Laura’s experience holding herself back from progress

(00:03:55) - 1st red flag - What energy are you brining to your nutrition journey?

(00:07:37) - Negative emotions vs compassion

(00:10:36) - Enrollment for The Cravings Code opens soon!

(00:11:54) - 2nd red flag - Do you want to eat this way for your whole life?

(00:13:47) - Reasons why this is a red flag

(00:14:51) - Lean into a sustainable nutritional lifestyle

(00:15:52) - 3rd red flag - Does this protocol fit your day to day life?

(00:17:49) - How other methods don’t fit

(00:20:21) - Results don’t stick for these methods

(00:21:19) - Recap, what we want you to feel

(00:23:19) - Final thoughts, Outro


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