#92 - (Reair Ep 44) How to Stay Consistent When Sh*t Hits The Fan

Season #1


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Staying on track & getting back ON track are two of the hardest pieces of the nutritional puzzle. But the truth is that life isn't slowing down and things will continue to get busier and more complex. So what can we do in these scenarios? By using this simple approach my clients have been able to ground into the habits that work the BEST for them, while forgetting the ones that don't so they can ebb and flow through the demands of life with more easy. Listen in!



(00:00:00) - Intro

(00:00:53) - Intro to Re-air of 44

(00:02:57) - Begin Ep 44

(00:04:34) - Cornerstone Habits Strategy

(00:07:26) - Some example ideas

(00:08:18) - Highlight from a client who implements Cornerstone Habits

(00:09:35) - It's your turn: write down some Cornerstone Habits ideas!

(00:10:00) - Outro, connect on Instagram


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