#96 - Halloween Edition: 5 Hacks to Avoid Sugar-Self-Sabotage

Season #1


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Episode 92: How to Stay Consistent When Shit Hits The Fan




Are you someone who feels stressed and anxious when Halloween comes around because you feel like you have no control over all the candy around?

Or maybe you find yourself mindlessly eating pieces of candy throughout the day and before you know it your lunch was 10 pieces of Snickers? If you find that having Halloween candy around throws you off your nutrition routine and at times, causes you to self-sabotage then this episode is for you! I'm sharing 5 simple, actionable & and in-the-moment hacks you can implement to help reduce how much & how often you indulge.

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(00:00:00) - Teaser

(00:00:15) - Intro

(00:01:08) - Free Guide!

(00:02:11) - Intro and guidance over the next couple of months

(00:03:07) - Change the "Fuck it Mentality"

(00:04:19) - Hacks to get through the upcoming holidays

(00:05:09) - Long-term goals for you, your cravings Code & 3S System

(00:06:59) - Hack #1 - Eat something before candy or sugar

(00:08:08) - Hack #2 - Set up environment for less sugary foods and

more healthy foods.

(00:09:58) - Tip for getting candy out of the house

(00:10:36) - Hack #3 - Have one piece of candy with a full #Satisfull meal

(00:12:21) - Hack #4 Grab 3 small pieces and enjoy them, wait 20 min

"Crave & Go"

(00:14:56) - Hack #5 - TWO biggest cravings triggers: could these be

happening to you?

(00:16:23) - Your choices - give in or give yourself 10 in before you


(00:18:20) - Wrap up, Outro


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