#98 - CRAVELESS: 2-min Tip - Use a Protein Preload to Avoid Overeating When You Go Out

Season #1


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If you're someone who is looking to maintain their weight, is in a fat loss phase, or wants to have more control around food eating out, utilizing a protein preload can help you when going out to a party, a restaurant, or a happy hour. It can regulate hunger & cravings and limit how many extra calories you eat out.
Take a listen and if you try a protein preload, send me a message on IG and let me know how it went!



(00:00:00) - Teaser

(00:00:15) - Intro

(00:01:08) - Free Guide!

(00:02:09) - Intro to 2-min tip

(00:02:55) - Reasons it’s easy to overeat/drink when you’re out

(00:03:08) - 1st Reason - Food is more palatable

(00:03:34) - 2nd Reason - You’re more inclined to order more food.

(00:05:24) - 3rd Reason - If you’re drinking.

(00:05:39) - 4th Reason - Your environment is designed to make you want

to eat & drink more.

(00:05:59) - What is a Protein-Pre Load? 

(00:06:25) - Benefits of a Protein-Pre Load

(00:07:04) -  Examples

(00:07:21) - Wrap up, Outro


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