#100 - Why & How You Should Start a Cravings Journal

Season #1


Episode 24 Cravings vs Hunger

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A Cravings Journal is an important first step in helping you understand your nutritional landscape. Similar to a food journal or meal log we take it one step further by tracking hunger, cravings & fullness throughout the day. This strategy helps you collect data, observe patterns, and gives you insights that you otherwise may not have picked up on.




0:00:00 - Teaser

0:00:14 - Intro

0:01:07 - Free Guide!

0:02:08 -  Celebrating 100 Episodes and Why Laura Started the Podcast

0:04:20 - Coaching with Laura, reach out for guidance!

0:07:07 - Tracking to understand your nutritional landscape

0:08:23 - Why is a Cravings Journal important?

0:09:17 - How to do it

0:09:58 - Contents of Meals

0:11:15 - Rate hunger, fullness, and cravings

0:11:33 - Hunger & fullness scale

0:12:55 - Cravings Scale

0:13:32 - Give it a go and observe patterns.

0:15:16 - Check out Ep Cravings vs Hunger, Let me know how it goes! Outro 


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