#101 - Holiday Cravings Guide - Crave & Go (EP 7 Reaire)

Season #1


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Apply these simple and approachable cravings & portion control strategies for any of your meals to help you slow down, become more aware, and listen in to when you're body is telling you it's Satisfull.

Don't worry: you still get to enjoy your favorite foods, but with this strategy, we get to decide how much and how often; which is imperative if you have an overall health goal or fat loss goal!




0:00:00 - Teaser

0:00:06 - Intro

0:01:00 - Intro to Reaire

0:02:26 - Intro: Go-to cravings and eating strategy

0:03:05 - Serve and Go: benefits of this strategy

0:03:45 - Step 1: Grab a smaller plate

0:03:51 - Step 2: Serve your portion on that smaller plate

0:04:07 - Step 3: Enjoy the food without distractions 

0:04:23 - Step 4: Wait 20 minutes before getting the 2nd serving

0:05:14 - Best situations to use Serve and Go strategy

0:05:41 - Applying Serve and Go Strategy for each meal

0:06:31 - Outro, connect on Instagram


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