#102 - Holiday Cravings Guide - 5 Eating Tips for More Confidence & Control (EP 8 Reaire)

Season #1


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Navigating holiday eating can feel tricky if you're trying to eat healthy or even stay on track for fat-loss goals. Most people experience a lot of anxiety when it comes to making food choices amongst so much temptation, but I want to encourage you to see each holiday, dinner or party as an opportunity to practice the #Satisfull skills you need to eat more balanced and in moderation.


Join me as I walk you through 5 simple tips that you can use during any holiday party, Christmas dinner, or girls' night to help you avoid overeating and binging but more importantly help you enjoy the holiday with more confidence and control.




0:00:00 - Teaser

0:00:11 - Intro

0:01:04 - Intro to Reaire

0:02:37 - Intro of episode

0:03:39 - Tip #1: Start with a #Satisfull breakfast (Ep. 5)

0:04:33 - Tip #2: Reduce the alcohol intake

0:05:28 - Alcohol strategy: Sip slow

0:06:26 - Tip #3: Practice Serve n' Go

0:07:08 - Tip #4: Move after you eat

0:08:04 - Tip #5: Bring your veggies!

0:09:16 - Bonus tip: Mindset Strategy

0:10:13 - How to implement these tips

0:11:45 - Outro, connect on Instagram


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