#116 - The S.L.I.M System for Cravings Control & Sustainable Fat Loss

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At Laura Cavallo Coaching, we pride ourselves on delivering the most efficient methods for fat-loss & craving control without the stress of tracking, measuring, or eliminating foods. The S.L.I.M System is how we help our clients control cravings & achieve sustainable fat loss in a way that fits their lifestyle, goals, and preferences. It's a system born out of years of trial, error, and success and embodies the pillars that will help our clients be the most successful.



(00:00:00) - Sign up for The Cravings Cure 2024! 

(00:01:01) - Intro to The Cravings Code

(00:01:54) - Intro to S.L.I.M System

(00:02:58) - S for #Satisfull Nutrition

(00:06:10) - L for Lifestyle optimization

(00:06:58) - I for Intentional Movement

(00:08:00) - M for Mindset & Awareness

(00:08:52) - How we Implement the S.L.I.M System with our clients

(00:10:16) - Outro, connect on Instagram


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