#117 - How to Find & Create Community with Molly Buster

Season #1


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Molly and I get personal and share the challenges we're currently going through trying to find and create a community of like-minded individuals who share our same values of exercising, eating well, and self-improvement.

Even if you're just getting started or haven't quite found your health groove, Social Support will be and is pivotal in your ability to stay motivated, connected, and inspired.

Today we share our hardest lessons and tips to help you find and create that community.


[00:00:00] - Teaser

[00:01:02] - Intro to the episode

[00:06:26] - Creating community in LA and Now

[00:08:31] - Finding Community with Like-Minded People

[00:10:03] - Finding support in relationships

[00:15:14] - Health is starting to matter more as we age.

[00:17:48] - Loving the process and being competitive

[00:19:38] - How do you define healthy habits for your body?

[00:21:46] - Schedule your own workout time

[00:23:35] - Sharing time and developing healthy habits together

[00:24:15] - Sign up for The Cravings Cure 2024!

[00:31:23] - Using social media to help find community

[00:32:09] - How we grew up, Molly

[00:36:40] - Laura's upbringing

[00:37:43] - Weather is a real barrier

[00:41:29] - Tips for Moms, making healthy meals for your family AND you

[00:43:30] - Share health and fitness goals with your family and friends

[00:47:07] - Go to the gym and say hi to someone, Outro


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