#118 - 5 Tips To Streamline Your Weekly Meal Prep

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If you're looking to eat at home more but struggle with how or what to prep, tune into today's episode as I share 5 simple tips to streamline this process so that it works for your family's needs.

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[00:00:00] - Teaser

[00:01:04] - Intro to episode, Streamline your Weekly Meal Prep 

[00:05:29] - 1. How to keep track of recipes you and your family love 

[00:06:38] - 2. Batch Cook meals

[00:07:38] - 3. Food themes 

[00:10:05] - Sign up for The Cravings Cure 2024!

[00:11:09] - 4. Post a schedule on the fridge

[00:12:07] -  5. Use #Satisfull Plates as a guide

[00:14:24] - Wrap up, What are your meal prep tips? Outro 


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