#119 - Start here: The Cravings, Hunger & Fullness Scale

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Using the Hunger, Fullness & Cravings Scale is a useful tool in your cravings & fat loss journey because it can help raise awareness with your eating patterns and inform you of any adjustments you need to make so you can be more successful working towards your goals.



[00:00:00] - Teaser

[00:01:05] - Intro to episode 

[00:02:24] - What is the Hunger & Fullness Scale 

[00:04:02] - Are you eating when you're full? Are you allowing yourself to get hungry? 

[00:06:15] - What happened when a client allowed herself to get hungry 

[00:08:37] - Opportunities to observe your relationship with food and your eating habits 

[00:10:33] - Sign up for The Cravings Cure 2024!

[00:11:36] - What is the cravings scale? 

[00:13:32] - Wrap up, let me know if you use this tool, outro 


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