#120 - What Eating Healthy IS NOT

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If you didn't grow up in a household where eating healthy was the norm, or you've tried various fad diets in your adult life you may have a skewed idea of what eating healthy looks like. In today's episode, I debunk some preconceived ideas that many of my clients have when they first start their cravings & fat loss journeys with me. Give a listen and see if you're still holding on to any of them and make sure to listen to the end where I share my thoughts on what eating healthy is.




[00:00:00] - Teaser

[00:01:06] - Intro to the episode

[00:02:49] - Sign up for The Cravings Cure 2024!

[00:03:52] - 1st thing, it is not just eating salads

[00:05:23] - 2nd thing, it's not taking out carbohydrates or any foods you enjoy 

[00:08:51] - 3rd thing, it is not temporary 

[00:10:33] - 4th thing, it's not eating liquid meals or shakes 

[00:14:06] - Last thing, you should not hate the foods you're eating 

[00:16:35] - So what is eating healthy? 

[00:19:28] - Wrap up, what did you think was healthy? Outro 


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