Fitness & nutrition program to tone, slim strengthen without long workouts or a strict diet 

 Dumbbell-based program for the busy, beginner-advanced exerciser

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Change the shape of your body with quick & focused workouts while leveraging simple yet powerful nutrition strategies without depriving food.


For beginner-advanced exercisers who struggle with the dieting mindset and are ready for real nutrition strategies. 


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Lost 6.5 inches overall!!!!

“My sleep hasn’t been this good in years!!! That’s been the biggest win for me. I don’t feel like I have to stuff myself full of caffeine to get by. And the change in mindset when it comes to my binge eating is wild. I didn’t realize why I was doing all of these things and just felt like a huge failure. Now I feel like I’m able to address and correct them in the right way, without all of the guilt and self-loathing”.

How the program works:

  • After you purchase you'll immediately be asked to set-up your #STRONGslim360 account and password; that is where you will access your Membership Portal with 6 Nutritional lessons and lectures that you'll have lifetime access to.

  • After completing this step you'll receive an email with instructions on how to access your TrueCoach workouts and the join the private Facebook community.

  • Your workouts are housed in TrueCoach. You can download the app or use the desktop version to go through each workout, view the video instructions and mark each exercise as complete. You'll track your progress photos and measurements in here as well.

  • Each week as you go through the nutritional lessons & workouts you can pop into the Facebook group & share any wins or questions you have so you can get support from me and other members!

  • You'll have lifetime access to the #STRONGslim360 Membership Portal and FB group. The workouts will be emailed to you at the end of 15 weeks, after-which your access to TrueCoach will go away.

What's Included:

  • Your own profile in our TrueCoach Exercise Portal where you'll access 9 weeks + 3 weeks of bonus workouts that take you through three phases: slim, strengthen and slim

  • You'll gain access to your own #STRONGslim360 Membership portal with the 6 Nutritional lessons needed to help you dial in your nutrition and lose inches as you tone and strengthen.

  • You'll be invited into our private Facebook Group to connect with women who are going through and have completed the program to have additional coaching and community support!


Diet and exercise together are a superpower for change but most women are focusing on just one part, and not the other. We can’t just exercise our way to a more shapely, toned and fit body and we can’t just eat well without utilizing resistance and weights to give us those peaks and valleys we want. By combining these two elements we can achieve the strong, slim and confident look we’ve always wanted.




I know what you’re saying; especially as busy women we don’t have hours to dedicate to being in the gym or tracking our food intake. In fact, most women give up before they’ve even started because they feel too overwhelmed, they don’t know what to do, they don’t have the time and the program doesn’t fit THEIR lifestyle. Plus, when we deal with hormones, hunger and cravings it can be easy to fall off track with a healthy lifestyle because we feel so depleted and hungry! 


Meet Cheyenne...

Cheyenne had struggled with her nutrition since a young age, her parents put her on diets and even commented on her body which set her up for a tumultuous relationship with food and low self-confidence in herself.


Cheyenne knew she needed something to help her change her mindset around diet while also wanting to build strength and add muscle definition.  As a busy professional working 50-60 hour weeks she didn't have that much time to exercise and frankly felt like her diet was holding her back from making any real changes. 


Well, Cheyenne decided to join #STRONGslim360 and her changes were remarkable.

Within the first 6 weeks of the program Cheyenne lost over 6.5 inches overall and her relationship with food changed dramatically. She didn’t feel like she had to deprive herself and actually learned WHY she was overeating, craving and was able to use this newfound information to manage her eating and nutrition so profoundly that her whole life changed. Her sleep, her confidence, her stress levels, her strength and the look of her body.  


I know women don’t have hours to spend exercising and want to just have a healthier relationship with food. That is why I created #STRONGslim360, to show women that you don’t need a drastic diet change or exercise routine to create the body and lifestyle you want. 

Grab this program for $199 for a limited time! 

Grab This Program For $199

 These Are The Results You Can Expect


Lost 4 inches overall

Including 2 inches around the waist and 2 around the chest

"I'm feeling so good.. I'm feeling a difference. I can't believe just little changes for results. Your program is awesome. I just want to say I appreciate the workouts, they def do challenge me. That workout yesterday has my abs sore lol. I cant wait to see more results”

Lifetime access to the program for $199! 

Ok, let's do it!


My #weeklywin was getting my veggies in with every meal.


My #weeklywin was daily meditation. It really helped me to start my day with a clear state of mind. The workout was great and just what I needed. Quick and effective


My #weeklywin was working out even when I was being lazy and unmotivated


Hey, I’m Laura!


I am a Strength & Slim Coach for busy women and I am certified in Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset (coming soon The Metabolic Female!).

I started my fitness career as a Division I lacrosse player at UC Berkeley but healthy eating and living didn’t come easily to me, in fact...I was an expert at binge eating/drinking and then depriving myself of a certain food or hopping on the next fad diet.

For years I struggle; I’d punish myself for eating poorly with intense workouts and cut out certain foods. I tried so many protocols: KETO, Paleo, Vegetarian, Body Ecology Diet, Swimsuit Diet, supplements, and so on.

I finally gained freedom when I stopped imposing what I THOUGHT I should be doing and look like for what ACTUALLY worked with my lifestyle and my body. I did away with the quick-fix protocols and developed a framework that allowed me to eat without fear and exercise intensely without sacrificing time or energy.

For the last 7 years, I’ve helped 100’s of busy women create a lifestyle that works for them using my framework and my knowledge in mindset, nutrition, and fitness. 

I can’t wait to take you through this transformative journey and help you create the lifestyle that’s best for you! 


Lost 9 pounds!

Including 2 inches around the waist and 2 around the chest

"Loved that I learned I don’t have to workout everyday to see results and that it can actually be effecting my hormones”


"[The nutrition concepts that I apply daily are} when it’s best to eat proteins and that carbs are not scary!"



Lost 9 inches overall!


"Loved the ZOOM call yesterday. I've been making sure to workout as soon as I get home from work and I've successful so far!"




Lost 3 pounds!

 "I lost three pounds, I've stuck to my diet and it shows. I just need to keep up with the workouts. We're gonna be finishing strong"

Grab this step-by-step program for only $199 and have it for a lifetime.

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