FREE 7-Day Nutrition Challenge  


"Stay on track" all week long without letting cravings, overeating & snacking get in the way of your goals and REDUCE MINDLESS EATING by up to 50%, guaranteed


Starts Monday April 24th! Join 100% free!

 FREE 7-Day Nutrition Challenge  


"Stay on track" all week long without letting cravings, overeating & snacking get in the way of your goals and REDUCE MINDLESS EATING by up to 50%, guaranteed


Starts Monday April 24th! Join 100% free!

"I was eating SO good...until this weekend!"

Have you ever experienced a week of "really good" eating, only to find yourself at a weekend party, vacation or a simple meal at a restaurant where you give into one craving which leads to the next and the next and the next?  🧁 🌮 🍪

Before you know it you're on a three day diet bender of cookies, chips and cheese and you have no clue how to get back on track?

You're not alone.

This is one of the biggest challenges I hear women face when it comes to staying on track with their nutrition is learning how to control cravings so they don't fall off track and completely self-sabotage their health and fat-loss goals. 

The problem is that most busy women don't know HOW to "stay on track" while also navigating the nutritional challenges that being stressed, bored and happy can bring!  

Most of us know to include whole foods in our diet, fruits and vegetables, whole grains and water...but there's a disconnect between knowing WHAT to do and ACTUALLY doing it.

And DOING a bit more tricky

  • HOW to stay consistent when life get's unpredictable and you're stressed out and just want to snack!
  • HOW to eat "good" when you're at a Happy Hour, party or away for the weekend and all that's around are cookies, cakes and pretzels.

  • HOW to choose the "right" foods when you have no food in the house and didn't prep

  • HOW to make the better choice when you're stressed, tired and bored

  • HOW to reduce the impulse for sweets, salty and savory foods so your nights and weekends aren't "free-for-alls"

THE answer to these questions will mean the difference between staying on track and not...

And that is why I created the #CravingsCLEANUP Challenge, to give women a simple guide to creating balanced, healthy yet satisfying plates that will reduce the impulse to give into every craving so staying on track is easier to do.

This is the final solution to your nutritional challenges because it addresses cravings from the root cause vs giving a band-aid fix for overeating, cravings & snacking.


Use the link to enroll below for free! After you hit submit look for a confirmation email (it might be in SPAM!)!

#CravingsCLEANUP Client Wins!

100% free! We start Monday April 24th-Sunday April 30th! 

This is FOR YOU if:

  • You want to learn how to eat in moderation to achieve fat-loss
  • You want to ditch the pressure & stress of trying to eat perfectly 
  • You want to free up mental space so you can enjoy your life 
  • You want to learn how to make habits fit your individual lifestyle 
  • You want judgement-free accountability & support
  • Need a community of like-minded women
  • Want to have one powerful habit that you can take with you into the holidays

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want a meal plan or stricter diet
  • You don't want to have fun and learn about yourself! 
  • Are looking for quick results

More Client Nutritional Wins! 


It was satisfying and filling. I already have more energy.


I’m realizing that yes, it was overeating and constant grazing, but it was due the immense restriction or absence of food I was actually subjecting myself to.


Been pretty full by lunch. Going to try to get in a small workout before I eat again.





Hey, I'm Laura 

I'm a Cravings & Fat Loss Coach helping busy women find a permanent solution for their cravings without gimmicks, tricks or fads so they can stay consistent with their diet & exercise and achieve the health & fat-loss goals they've always strived for.

For years I struggled with constant cravings, overeating and mindless snacking and intense sugar cravings and had no clue how to stop them. I felt like something was wrong with me and that I'd never "get better". I bought books, courses and restricted thinking that was the answer; but it wasn't.

I tried over 10 fad-diets over the course of five years and It was a battle every step of the way. The holidays, vacations and weekends were time periods where healthy habits went out the door. I'd say “fuck-It” because It was hard to have the will-power to eat the right foods or explain to family and friends why I wasn't eating a certain dish.

When I'd return to my "diet"  I'd feel mentally exhausted from the food stress & guilt, and physically sluggish and debilitated from the extra bloat, shitty food & lack of movement. I'd punish myself with exercise and eliminating my favorite foods as punishment

It's when I started eating in what I call The Gray Area that my binges, cravings, and overeating subsided. I could enjoy food and life again. It was then that the body I had been chasing developed without stress, desperation or punishment. It started with changing my dieting mindset and eating #Satisfull nutrition.

My goal is to empower women to learn, grow and make mistakes and not hate yourself for it while shaping a strong, slim and cofidnet body.

I got you, let's go.