The Cravings Code  

6-week 1:1 Nutrition Coaching in a small pod 



The Signature System designed to help you reduce cravings, hunger & overeating by up to 70% so you can prime your metabolism to naturally eat fewer calories & sustainably lose weight  


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The Cravings Code  

1:1 Nutrition coaching small pod program


The Signature System designed to help you reduce cravings & overeating by up to 70% so you can prime your metabolism to naturally eat fewer calories & sustainably lose weight  


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Amy's Story: 60% Less Cravings & Down 9lbs


Tricia's Results: No more Self-Sabotage

Tricia's Testimonial
The Cravings Code




Chances are that if you have a fat-loss goal you’ve likely bopped around to different fad-diets and as a result you’ve been left with more frustration, doubts and cravings than when you first began.


The nature of many of these diets is that:

  • they feel TOO restrictive ‚ĚĆ ūüć™

  • it's hard to stay on track when you're on the go/the kids get sick or you‚Äôre busy (and let‚Äôs be honest, that‚Äôs like 99.99% of the time now)¬† ūüꆬ†


  • they don't¬†provide real cravings, hunger & overeating¬†strategies that actually work


So you keep starting over, and over and over again in hopes that the next diet you try is the one that actually sticks…but that never happens. 


And what‚Äôs worse‚Ķ ūüėĘ


Your relationship with food and dieting becomes more and more splintered and you start to lose faith in yourself, trust in the process and self-sabotage because you‚Äôre so far gone‚Ķso you think to yourself ‚Äúwhat‚Äôs the point?‚Ä̬†


This is one of the biggest challenges the women I work with face; feeling on track one minute and the next battling cravings and then once they let themselves have a little, they can’t control themselves and completely self-sabotage.


This digs you further into the all-or-nothing mindset & makes it harder for you to achieve sustainable fat-loss.¬† ūü晬†‚ĚĆ


That’s why I created The Cravings Code, an opportunity to shift your mindset around cravings & dieting and learn how to navigate cravings, reduce insatiable hunger & overeating by up to 70% so you can prime yourself to naturally eat less & sustainably lose weight. 


The Cravings Code will take you through three phases.


The 3 "S" System is step by step strategic and personalized approach to help you unlock your Signature Cravings Code so you can stop worrying if a craving is going to lead to another self-sabotaging event. You can finally feel more confident, in control & empowered as you navigate a sustainable nutrition approach 365 days per year. 


The 3 "S" System will help you:

  • Phase #1: Stabilize hunger & cravings. The first few weeks of the program will take you through the necessary first step to numbing the intense impulses to overeat & indulge so your metabolism can stop¬†weighing down your metabolism with the constant restrict & overeat cycle.¬†
  • Phase #2:¬†Stop Self-Sabotaging: The latter three weeks will help prime your mindset to stay on track & avoid self-sabotage even when life get's unpredictable, busy and stressful. Because ultimately you can't achieve sustainable¬†fat loss & a healthy relationship with food when you're stick in the all or nothing mindset!
  • Phase #3: Signature Cravings Code: Finally, you'll discover your unique Cravings Code; your exact cravings triggers & how to navigate them with confidence & ease so you can be sure you're addressing cravings from the root issue without scrambling for a band-aid fix.¬†


The Cravings Code is a super special opportunity to work with me 1:1 while benefiting from the community support of like-minded women. 





Each person will MASTER the Code6 Curriculum so you can prime your mindset & metabolism for Sustainable Fat-Loss

  • Phase 1: Weeks 1-3 Stabilize hunger & cravings¬†
  • Phase 2: Weeks 4-6 Stop Self-Sabotage
  • Phase 3: Week 6:¬†Your Specialized Cravings Code


  • Week 1: Consistently #Satisfull:¬†Strategies to stay consistent through the challenges of the week, months & seasons.
  • Week 2: Correct Sleep & Stress:¬†Optimizing sleep & stress for long-term cravings¬†management & fat-loss success.¬†

  • Week 3: Crave & Go & Sip Slow Strategy: Go-to cravings strategy for your favorite late-night, weekend and happy hour¬†drinks.

  • Week 4: "CHESS" Exercise: Mindset & application strategy¬†to observe & assess various cravings triggers.¬†

  • Week 5: Cornerstone Habits: Mindset & application strategy for helping you stay on track when shit hits the fan.

  • Week 6: 80/20 Continuum: Mindset & application strategy to help you navigate the seasons of life & the year.¬†



Weekly Live Coaching, Daily Ongoing Chat Support & Lifetime Access to The Teaching

  • WEEKLY COACHING: Each week we will meet LIVE via ZOOM where I'll teach on one of the Code6 pillars and assign a habit or strategy to apply that week. The calls are slated for Wed night at 7pm starting Wed Sept 27th. (** ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED & UPLOADED INTO YOUR PORTAL TO KEEP FOREVER)

  • At the end of our call¬†i'll answer specific questions that you have and provide individualized 1:1 coaching and support as you navigate the tools and apply them into your everyday lives.

  • Before the call you'll fill out a check in form to use as your own personal Reflection so you can track your progress, share wins & any challenges that you have.¬†

  • The calls will be recorded & shared directly after so if you can't attend live you can catch the recording.

  • DAILY SUPPORT: In-between calls¬†we'll connect in a private WhatsApp Group where I'll provide ongoing coaching & accountability via voice-memo's, text & additional resources.

  • The WhatsApp Chat is a built in community of like-minded women eager to reach the same goals as you who are going through the same things as you. We will keep each other accountable & engaged.

  • LIFETIME ACCESS: Lastly, you'll have lifetime access to the teaching and lectures in a secure Cravings Code Portal so you can revisit the lectures to stay on-top of the strategies and maintain your progress.



Next round Fall 2023! Add your name to the waitlist to be notified of program details!


(There is no obligation to join by being on the waitlist!)




Is This Program Right for You? 

  • This program is for you if you're looking for a sustainable approach¬†to nutrition & want to get to the root causes of your cravings without another gimmick, fad or quick-fix.

  • This is for¬†the woman who is ready to take more ownership over their¬†relationship¬†with food and start to develop more trust, confidence and control over their everyday habits so they can feel successful long term.¬†


What Results Can I Expect?

  • This isn't a fat-loss program although you may experience some weight loss as you start to eat more consistently, balance your hunger & reduce cravings.

  • This program is intended to help you feel more confident and in control when making food choices not just when things are "quiet & easy" but moreso when things get busy, hectic and unpredictable and we want to give-up.¬†

  • You'll build the skills & confidence to navigate these challenges so that by the end of the 6-weeks you have a structured framework to apply as time goes on

How Is It Structured?

 The program has three avenues of education and support:


  • Each week we will meet for a live call via ZOOM where i'll teach on one part of the Code6 Curriculum.¬†
  • As part of that weeks lecture I will assign one strategy for you to focus on & execute that week.

  • At the end I will answer individual questions & provide guidance and strategy based on the previous weeks assignments and any other challenges coming up!

  • The calls will be recorded & uploaded for you to reference anytime. Or if you can't make a call you can catch the replay.¬†


  • A chance to stay connected with me & each other as you work through that weeks assignments and receive specific troubleshooting support to help you stay on track & integrate the new tools into your day to day.
  • A place to share recipes, tips, tools & ideas 24/7¬†with me and the Cravings Community.¬†


  • You'll be granted access to the Membership Portal where you'll have lifetime access to the teaching, lectures and any other material and resources we include in the program.
  • Access the recordings soon after the calls conclude so you can catch up if you can't make the recordings.

How Do I Enroll?

Follow the button below to join! Right after you will receive an email with next steps to do within the next 24 hours! 


What are the Dates?

The program runs 6 weeks.


(over $3,999. in value)

Code6 Curriculum 



These Code6 Pillars are my proven cravings, hunger & overeating strategies that have helped my clients lose up to 10lbs and 10 inches in 3 months while decreasing cravings, hunger & overeating by up to 70%. 

1:1 Coaching & Discussion 

($1350 value)

Each week I’ll present on a nutriiton, mindset or lifestyle topic which will give you a simple yet effective strategy to help you shape your habits and your physique. Each call with finish with a discussion and I’ll answer all questions and help you startegize for your life in real time.

1:1 Live Coaching

($2100 value)


Each week I'll be going live and teaching on a specific topic as well as do individual 1:1 coaching and answer your questions. Finally you'll leave our LIVE calls with an assignment to complete for that week.


Community Connection

($1,000 value)


We'll connect daily through our Whatsapp Chat where i'll prompt you to share your progress on the assigned strategies, we'll share recipes, ideas & cheer each other on. 



Grocery & Snack List

($49 value)


An 8-page nutritional guide outlining LEAN, DETOX & CRAVE elements of Satisfull Plates plus over 40 healthy snack ideas & recipes.

Lifetime Program Access ($500)


Lifetime access to the teaching in a secure portal so you can revisit the info anytime and stay consistent with the strategies.  

Risk-free Money-back Guarantee  ($399)


If after the program ends, you aren't fully satisfied with your results and what you learned, I will provide a 100% refund. 

The Cravings Code 

"In Their Own Words"

I know I have a long road ahead but I want to stay focused & keep reaching towards that end goal...I love that I'm able to make choices that are sustainable for my real life

I lost 9lbs! I'm excited to keep going and proud of myself.

So much good stuff happening. I've had way fewer binges & less want to binge. Stronger at the gym. Been able to have a cookie or two and stop-that felt impossible before. 

Hey, I'm Laura 

I'm a Cravings & Fat Loss Coach helping busy women find a permanent solution for their cravings without gimmicks, tricks or fads so they can stay consistent with their diet & exercise and achieve the health & fat-loss goals they've always strived for.

For years I struggled with constant cravings, overeating, mindless snacking and intense sugar cravings and had no clue how to stop them. I felt like something was wrong with me and that I'd never "get better". I bought books, courses and restricted thinking that was the answer; but it wasn't.

I tried over 10 fad-diets over the course of five years and It was a battle every step of the way. The holidays, vacations and weekends were time periods where healthy habits went out the door. I'd say “fuck-It” because It was hard to have the will-power to eat the right foods or explain to family and friends why I wasn't eating a certain dish.

When I'd return to my "diet"  I'd feel mentally exhausted from the food stress & guilt, and physically sluggish and debilitated from the extra bloat, shitty food & lack of movement. I'd punish myself with exercise and eliminating my favorite foods.

It's when I started eating in what I call The Gray Area that my binges, cravings, and overeating subsided. I could enjoy food and life again. It was then that the body I had been chasing developed without stress, desperation or punishment. It started with changing my dieting mindset and eating #Satisfull nutrition.

My goal is to empower women to learn, grow and make mistakes and not hate yourself for it while shaping a strong, slim and confident body.

I got you, let's go.  


Don't see the answer to what you need? Send me an email [email protected].


Next round Feb 2024! Add your name to the waitlist to be notified of program details!


(There is no obligation to join by being on the waitlist!)