Helping busy women FINALLY get a handle onĀ cravings & achieve sustainable fat-loss without counting, measuring or tracking.

We’re a team of health and fitness coach’s
Helping busy women eat better, move more & create habits that last. 


  • Our mission at Laura Cavallo Coaching is to help clients achieve sustainable fat-loss without restriction and ditch cravings, feel healthier and slim down with a more balanced health approach. We don't believe in "trying to be perfect" but rather we value flexibility & curiosity as a means to navigate the ups and downs of the seasons to stay on track even when life get's busy.


  • Cravings & fat-loss don't happen in a vacuum; that is why we address not only nutrition & exercise but also mindset & lifestyle habits like sleep & stress. We belive in teaching our clients the skills they need for steady fat-loss & body change so they can stay consistent, accountable and motivated even when the program is over.



  • Adaptable: Learning how to be ok with the successes and challenges that life brings and be able to change and grow.
  • Curious: Seeing challenges as opportunities to grow and asking yourself WHY & HOW can I move forward vs seeing them as road-blocks.
  • Trusting: Knowing that change takes time & trusting your ability as a human to adapt, learn and grow. 
  • Gracious: Breathing room to mess up and not be perfect, but rather give yourself grace & understanding as you navigate changes and challenges. 
  • Alignment: Having the courage to be honest with yourself and who you truly are and want to be to your goal, habits and actions align.



Ready to live life to the fullest and feel like yourself again, but even better?





1. Our S.L.I.M Lifestyle System for Fat-Loss & Cravings Control goes beyond diet & exercise, we take a 360-degree holistic approach to your goals by addressing habit change, mindset development as well as lifestyle optimization so you not only look better but feel better too.


2. We know how much community & social support matters for accountability and consistency. We provide a supportive 1:1 coaching environment as well as a wellness community that you can turn to and rely on.


3. We know the mainstream diet industry has negatively impacted women's behaviors and mindset around body-image because of that we feel strongly in encourage our clients to become active participants in their health journeys so they can not only reap the results, but learn the sustainable skills necessary to build more confidence, control & consistency during the process.



  • Ready to take on the journey to not only changing the look and feel of their body but giving themselves a real shot at creating a healthier and happier quality of life.

  • Open to improving their mindset, perception and beliefs around diet, body image and fat-loss and want to become stronger and more mentally resilient.

  • Understand that investing in their health is an investment in their future; as well as the future of their families, kids and career.

  • Want to bring curiosity, learning and growth to the process and want to be an active participant in their journey.



Habit change, solution-oriented, hands-on, lifestyle-aligned health, quality of life.



Gimmick diets, leading with guilt or judgment, strict protocols, villinization.

Our S.L.I.M System for Fat-Loss & Cravings ControlIs is an acronym for:


#Satisfull Nutrition

Lifestyle Optimization: The 3 S's

Intentional Movement

Mindset & Awareness 


  • We guide you on a path of self discovery, self-efficacy and learning to help you create nutritional habits, an exercise routine and a self-care system that will enhance your health, happiness and quality of life. 


  • BUT-we don’t do this at the expense of enjoying life. We want you to feel energized & excited by your fitness routine. 


  • We love food (and we know you do too!) and know that it’s more than just a way to change the shape of your body or fuel for your workouts. 


  • Our clientele ranges from stay-at-home moms to busy executives. We pride ourselves on working with women who are goal-oriented, ambitious and eager to learn and grow.