Jul 27, 2021


On Friday 5 women wrapped up #STRONGslim360 beta edition, this was a 40 day fitness, nutrition and lifestyle project in which the women were lead through my framework while providing me with feedback on workout, exercise and mindset assignments in preparation for the full-length program, launching on April 7th! (waitlist April 2nd!) 

#STRONGSlim360 is officially closed but add yourself to the waitlist HERE. 

Today I wanted to share with you what my friend and client Cheyenne accomplished in just 40 days. And she’s not stopping here, Cheyenne has already signed-up to join the April program


Cheyenne lost 6. 5 inches overall and as you can see the pictures speak for themselves. 


But HOW she did it is where the real hard work, accomplishment and change came through…..



“I’m really loving all of the mindset info ...It’s been super eye opening to learn the “why” behind a lot of my bad habits”


“Learning how to integrate and adapt the things I normally eat into a healthier lifestyle was amazing”


“My sleep hasn’t been this good in years!!! That’s been the biggest win for me. I don’t feel like I have to stuff myself full of caffeine to get by.


“The change in mindset when it comes to my binge eating is wild. I didn’t realize why I was doing all of these things and just felt like a huge failure. Now I feel like I’m able to address and correct them in the right way, without all of the guilt and self-loathing”



We all know that the biggest change when it comes to fitness is in our persception of ourselves and the challenge in front of us. 


The self-confidence and mental challenge to love ourself as we are but still want to improve and feel healthier inside and out.