Cheyenne life (and body) changed

Jul 27, 2021

Today I'm sharing the incredible transformation and journey my friend Cheyenne experienced working with me and other likeminded women during my lifestyle transformation project #STRONGslim360. 

“The change in mindset when it comes to my binge eating is wild. I didn’t realize why I was doing all of these things and just felt like a huge failure. Now I feel like I’m able to address and correct them in the right way, without all of the guilt and self-loathing”

Cheyenne and I have known each other for a long time, we first met coaching women's lacrosse. She's worked with me throughout the years on exercise and fitness but never on the nutrition and mindset side of things. 

Until she joined #STRONGslim360....

“I’m really loving all of the mindset info ...It’s been super eye opening to learn the “why” behind a lot of my bad habits”

Cheyenne dove in, attending all the live training and getting in her workouts. She did the mindset assignments and really start to peel back the layers about her past relationship with food and exercise. 

Laura gave me the tools to better understand the WHY behind all of it! I had a terrible relationship with food that started in childhood and that was the biggest thing holding me back. 

From there she was able to take the intense emotion out of eating and ditch the "Good" and "Bad" foods and actually learn how to add more of the good nutritious and filling food while indulging in the tasty, salty, crunchy, sweet stuff a little less. 

“Learning how to integrate and adapt the things I normally eat into a healthier lifestyle was amazing”

Cheyenne's whole life improved: her sleep, stress levels, attention to personal care and self-love. It snowballed and she's a different person now because of it. 

"I’d recommend Laura to anyone who’s looking not just to lose weight but to learn the skills to have a healthy rest of their life!"

*STRONGSlim360 is currently closed but you can add yourself to the waitlist HERE and be notified when it opens! 

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