"Christy" Was On A Diet Since an Early Age

Jul 27, 2021
Meet "Christy"*
"Christy" has made incredible progress in the 6 months that we've worked together;
  • A healthier relationship to food, no more binging and depriving. No more diets!
  • Dropped weight and inches 
  • Wearing clothes she hasn't put on in years!
  • Skin feels tighter!
  • More active
  • Feels mentally stronger
These results didn't come without work and effort, she has put a lot of dedication into changing her habits. Here's a little back-story...
"Christy" grew up being deprived of certain foods by her parents. She was always on a diet she struggled with her weight, food and body image. She was often caught sneaking sweets from her friends houses and she recalls a time her mom put her on liquid diet. Now in her 20's, she wanted to learn what it really meant to live a healthy lifestyle and not do a diet for 30 days only to gain all the weight back with the binging and deprivation cycle. 
On one of our calls I asked "Christy" to reflect on how she's grown, changed and how her life is different now than when we started 6 months ago...
1. Drinking water- “I used to maybe have 3 glasses per week, now it’s one of the only things I drink” 
2. Meal preparation-”Thought it wasn’t going to be fun but It helps me stay on track” 
3. Cooking way more often!  
4. Being more social, out and about more-(walking, hiking, tennis)
5. If I'm having a hard time call family and friends to help diffuse to help relieve stress vs turning to food or overeating to help satiate the trigger.
6. Strategically placing healthy snacks-carrot slices, almonds, bowl of fruit around the house.
7. Setting boundaries-(help protect my energy so I can stay mentally healthy) 
8. Sleep routine has been awesome!  Going to bed earlier, sleeping better!
9. Finding movement that I enjoy, feels effortless vs a chore
10. Body awareness and mental awareness ! “My body feels different now when I eat unhealthy” 
That's all I have for you today! If you have any questions about how Christy and I got her to where she is today please hit reply now and shoot me a message or a dm on Instagram!
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