#122 -Part 1: Satisfull Plate. Your LEAN Portion + 5 Tips

Season #1


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Satisfull Plates is your North Start for cravings control & fat loss, and the first part of creating one is to lead with a protein-forward food. In this episode, I share how much protein you want to aim for per day as a woman, different sources of protein, and 5 tips to help you be successful with selecting and cooking your protein sources.


[00:00:59] - Intro to the episode 

[00:02:22] - What is LEAN? 

[00:03:33] - Sources of protein

[00:04:37] - Fun Facts about Protein

[00:07:02] - 1st Tip - Plate your protein first 

[00:07:59] - 2nd Tip - Be an informed consumer 

[00:09:35] -  3rd Tip - You don't have to cook special

[00:10:35] - Sign up for The Cravings CLEANUP Challenge!

[00:11:29] - 4th Tip - Some protein sources also count towards CRAVE

[00:12:14] -  5th Tip - One fattier cut of meat per day

[00:13:25] - 6th Tip - Switch heavy, creamy sauces with seasoning and spices

[00:14:41] - Wrap up, share this with a friend, Outro


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