#128 - The Cravings Code Details!

Season #1


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Today I'm sharing all the juicy details about this next round of the cravings code!

The Cravings Code is a 6-week 1:1 coaching small pod program that will help you reduce cravings, hunger & overeating by up to 70% while priming your metabolism to naturally eat fewer calories & sustainably lose weight.

These are the foundational habits to master to help supercharge your metabolism, stabilize cravings & hunger & learn your unique cravings code so you know exactly how to control your cravings triggers for the rest of your life.

Enrollment opens on Wednesday, February 21st at 9 am EST!

Take a listen to this episode to learn if this is right for you, what the program entails, and how to enroll!

Doors close Sunday, February 25th at 9pm EST!


(00:00:53) - Intro to The Cravings Code!

(00:04:02) - Why Laura created the program

(00:4:44)- Band-aid Cravings Strategies 

(00:06:04) - Cravings are more complex and are caused by more than we realize

(00:07:29) - The #Satisfull Nutrition Approach

(00:08:11) - What will you learn?

(00:08:22) - Results from clients!

(00:09:42) - How #Satisfull Nutrition strategies work

(00:12:05) - How it works

(00:12:54) - The goal of The Cravings Code

(00:13:46) - The framework, curriculum & structure

(00:14:08) - 1st avenue of support, Live Calls

(00:14:42) - 2nd avenue of support, WhatsApp chat

(00:15:19) - 3rd avenue of support, Lifetime access

(00:15:56) - Over $3,399 in value!

(00:16:28) - Super value: It works within your busy life!

(00:17:37) - Code 6 Curriculum

(00:18:48) - 1st pillar - Consistently Satisfull.

(00:19:31) - 2nd pillar - Cornerstone habits

(00:19:57) - Crave and Go & Sip Slow

(00:20:14) - 80/20 Continuum

(00:20:40) - Correct Sleep & Stress

(00:21:12) - C.H.E.S.S. Exercise

(00:21:46) - Wrap up, Sign up for The Cravings Code! Outro


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