#129 - Katie's Testimonial: The Cravings Code

Season #1


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The Cravings Code is a 6-week 1:1 coaching small pod program to help you reduce cravings, hunger & overeating by up to 70% while priming your metabolism to naturally eat fewer calories & sustainably lose weight. Take a listen to this episode to learn if this is right for you, what the program entails and how to enroll! 

Katie joined the first round of The Cravings Code as a lover of all foods! She grew up not really sure what healthy eating was besides having salads and low-fat dressings. In her adult years, the stress of work and life held her back from adopting any healthy lifestyle routines, so she'd turn to quicker fix protocols to try and get results.

Now it's been a few months after The Cravings Code & Katie has maintained the Code6 Strategies in her day to day because instead of doing a "diet," Katie has found a lifestyle approach to her nutrition, movement & mindset.



(00:01:01) - Sign up for The Cravings Code 2024!

(00:01:52) - Intro to Katie's Story

(00:04:13) - Katie’s upbringing, nutrition, body image, and dieting history

(00:06:10) - How was food talked about in her family?

(00:07:36) - Started trying more restrictive methods because of body image

(00:09:32) - How her habits evolve into her 20s

(00:12:38) - Career as a teacher & stress

(00:13:47) - Dealing with life stressors being a teacher and going for convenience foods. How did she feel?

(00:16:23) - What did staying on track look like during that time?

(00:19:23) - Feeling disconnected from body and quality of nutrition

(00:21:10) - Restrictive mentality

(00:22:24) - Might have achieved fat loss but don’t feel good.

(00:22:39) - How long was she flopping back and forth? Turning point.

(00:23:45) - Stories she was telling herself & beliefs of what it will take

(00:25:12) - Aha moment, breaking point

(00:27:14) - Joined The Cravings Code, What attracted her?

(00:29:21) - Started with The #CravingsCLEANUP challenge, was she nervous?

(00:30:00) - What was her feeling going into the program?

(00:32:27) - What was the evolution, aha moments, strategies that had a lasting impact?

(00:35:09) - Navigating special events

(00:37:42) - Cravings & fat loss are a lot of mindset work, boundaries, and an act of self-care

(00:39:32) - Was there anything that surprised her about the program?

(00:41:12) - What strategies have stuck with her?

(00:43:12) - How is she doing things differently now? Anything else that's different?

(00:46:04) - Who does she think this program is best for?

(00:47:27) - What is her favorite CRAVE food? Final thoughts, Outro



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