#130 - Lisa's Testimonial: The Cravings Code

Season #1


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The Cravings Code is a 6-week 1:1 coaching small pod program to help you reduce cravings, hunger & overeating by up to 70% while priming your metabolism to naturally eat fewer calories & sustainably lose weight. Take a listen to this episode to learn if this is right for you, what the program entails and how to enroll! 

Today I sat down with Lisa who joined the first round of The Cravings Code Challenge back in May. Lisa opens up about the challenges of her changing body due to family trauma, having kids, being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and now heading into menopause. Over the years Lisa tried various challenges, programs and diets but only found herself so stressed and anxious trying to figure out the "right foods to eat".

The Cravings Code helped Lisa build habits that helped reduce cravings, overeating & the guilt and shame that many women develop as a result of doing restrictive diet protocols. Listen in as Lisa shares her 30+ year struggle with diet, body image and her health and how she's finally found some peace & a healthy groove with The Cravings Code.




(00:01:03) - Intro to the episode

(00:02:06) - Sign up for The Cravings Code 2024!

(00:02:57) - Into to Lisa, How have things been going after the Cravings Code?

(00:05:32) - How did Lisa find Laura?

(00:07:24) - What were Lisa’s struggles & challenges?

(00:09:12) - What was Lisa's experience with exercise & nutrition in 20’s & 30’s, growing up?

(00:11:52) - The struggle of losing a parent & coping with stressful situations.

(00:13:28) - Challenges of Crohn's Disease & how The Cravings Code helped- no more shame or guilt

(00:19:02) - How The Cravings Code fits within your lifestyle, you’re in control

(00:20:34) - Lisa’s experience in The Cravings Code

(00:21:26) - What did Lisa learn that had an impact?

(00:25:38) - Things impacting cravings: Alcohol & Stress

(00:26:15) - How did she navigated social events?

(00:28:05) - How cravings work

(00:29:57) - Crave and Go

(00:33:35) - What is real food control?

(00:37:29) - What are some of Lisa's goals now?

(00:39:34) - LIVE Coaching Session: Lisa’s Move More habit

(00:44:32) - Wrap-up: Who would Lisa recommend this program for?


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